Custom & Artisan Jewellery

Why choose custom or artisan designed jewellery over manufactured?

Jewellery produced for the masses can stylish and suitable for most people. Whether you want to be a trend setter, or you want timeless jewellery that will always looks in style, custom or artisan designed jewellery may be the right choice for you.

How can you justify the higher cost?

Like high quality timepieces, they are kept as heirlooms for future generations to enjoy.


Consider the costs and compare your findings accurately. Don't compare apples to oranges.

Diamonds for example, don't compare a J colour I1 clarity diamond to a G colour VS2 clarity diamond. Or a 14kt manufactured ring to a handmade 18kt ring. Make sure you are comparing apples to apples.

Designs By Nanami


Do you have a printed catalogue?
No, this website serves to showcase my designs.

I want to see actual pieces,
where do you sell your jewellery?

The designs are created as ordered and not available to manufacturers or distributed to retail stores.

I am a designer I do not supply or create objets d'art of fancy cut or carved gemstones.

'®™' ND is a Canadian Registered Trademark. I have been designing jewellery since the mid 1970's. Please do not ask me to replicate someone else's design or work. Commissioned jewellery cannot be returned for a refund.

Shipping - Via FedEx - shipping prices are based on weight and distance. Cost of insured shipping will be added to the purchase price.



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